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Manicures & Pedicures

SPA Treatments

SPA is the new buzz word in beauty, the word SPA implies that you are not only being provided with a service but with a luxurious treatment making your experience slightly more special. Our new range of hand and nail treatments create a whole new meaning to luxury

BIO Sculpture Hand and Nail SPA Treatments
BIO Sculpture Manicure….£16.00
BIO Sculpture Luxury Manicure ..... £20.00
BIO Sculpture Base and Gel Treatment ..... £22.00
File and Re-Polish …. £7.00
Full Set of Sculptured Gel Nails …. £40.00
Full Set of Sculptured Gel Nails with Colour …. £45.00
Coloured Overlay on Natural Nail ….. £20.00
French Overlay on Natural Nail …. £21.00

Acrylic Nails

Full Set of Acrylic Nails …£32.00
Overlays …. £27.00
Soak Off, tidy and polish ….. £15.00
Infills …. £19.00
Tidy and Polish …. £12.00

European Touch SPA Pedicure

Experience the luxury of our new European Touch SPA chairs with built in SPA bath, heated seats and vibrating back massage

SPA Pedicure …. £25.00
Luxury SPA Pedicure ….. £29.00
SPA Pedicure with Gel Colour .... £30.00

Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

Doctor fish (Garra Rufa) are unique freshwater fish that live to serve you by removing dead skin cells! Originally found in the pools of a hot spring near Kangal, a small town in Turkey, the Garra Rufa have been reported to be beneficial in battling skin diseases, muscle trauma and joint disease, as well as rheumatic and neurologic disorders. 

SPA Pedicure with Garra Rufa Fish …… £32.00
Garra Rufa Fish SPA Experience …. £15.00
Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure with Leg Massage ….. £20.00